Speaking Practice for Everyone

Speaking is Essential

These lessons are for everyone who has studied English for years without ever really speaking the language with other people.



Join me for the month of March, 2021 to practice your English speaking skills. I’m holding 8 live Zoom lessons where you can meet me and other English learners to talk about interesting topics. You can join all of the lessons for one low payment.


Speaking, Speaking, Speaking

Each Zoom lesson includes a full hour of speaking practice. You’ll practice speaking with me and with other English learners.

Lots of Practice

There are two  live classes each week and there’s no limit on how many you can join. Come to all of the classes that fit your schedule.

Fun Topics

Practice speaking about topics that are interesting to you. Tell your classmates about your culture, customs, interests, and hobbies.


Meet other English learners from around the world. Make friends and get insights from others.


This program is meant for advanced English learners. If you have a B2 level or above, you are welcome to join!

Since this is a speaking class, you need to turn on your camera and microphone in class. That way, you can communicate with other students.

After speaking with hundreds of English learners, the number one problem I’ve heard is that it is hard to find speaking practice without paying a native speaker for expensive private classes. I want to create a solution to that problem starting with this program.