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Sometimes the best way to improve your English is with a private teacher who can find your mistakes and help you improve them.

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Why My Classes Work

Correct English

Grammar is essential to learning a new language, but let’s have some fun with it! 

By the end of each class, you will not only know a new piece of English, but you will be able to actively use it when you speak.

Focus on using English CORRECTLY.

Fluent English

I truly believe that knowing a lot of grammar is NOT the same as knowing a language. That’s why each class involves a lot of speaking.

 You will leave each class more confident and able to use English in the real world

Focus on using English NATURALLY.


English Meet Ups

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Meet The Teacher

Hi, I’m Tate. I’ve spent years guiding thousands of students as they reach fluency.

Before starting Engalia I worked as an English teacher in Spain and managed an academy of over 400 adult students. I worked with my team of teachers every day to make sure every one of the students improve their English skills. I saw first-hand how much English helped my students get better jobs, travel, and speak with people all over the world.

Now, helping students learn English online is my full-time job. I love getting into the community and answering questions, giving live English lessons, and helping you to reach your English goals.

Tate, Engalia founder



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